Friday, 23 May 2014

Spondicious Photography News - David Allen Wizardgold

Frustrated photographer

Due to the constraints of work at the campsite for the summer I am not getting out with my camera has much as I would like to. I do have a day off each week and on my last day off I decided to work with the writing rather than going and taking some photos. In any case, I was expecting a day of rain and it was a cloudy, not a very bright day anyway. What I did instead of going out was to spend some time working on the new book that I am going to be publishing very soon. It is a book about photography and the applications I use for postprocessing. Included as part of the book there will be quite a few hours of video tutorials showing you how to use Aperture on the Mac and other applications such as Intensify Pro. There is even one video in there, showing you how to use the timelapse application which you can install directly onto the Sony NEX-6 camera.

David Allen Wizardgold Street Photographer

There are times when I can do some photography of the street street photography kind during the lunch break, but again due to the weather there hasn't been that many people passing where I sit and take my lunch.

I am enjoying the 55 to 210 mm lens on the Sony NEX-6 mirror-less camera. It is great for taking candid shots of people in the street doing what they do. I would still like to do some more testing with this handy new lens. With regards the kit that I'm using or rather not using - I do have to get around to selling the Canon 600D and also the 18mm - 200mm zoom lens which I will sell separately. I do have an advert put out locally for the camera, but there is nothing happening with it so I think I'm going to have to have a look at selling it through eBay.

Mad Metal

Fortunately I do still have some photos that are waiting for me in Aperture on my Mac to send out to the world. Here is one of the photos that I have published to Google+ and to Facebook recently. I also send my photos out to Flickr and to 500PX.

Hanging bridge

I sold a couple of photos this week

I have an account with Fotolia and a number of pictures in a portfolio ready for selling. This week I sold a couple of photos which is nice, seeing as I haven't sold many lately. Every now and then I have $50-$100 worth of sales that I download the cash into my PayPal account. This is the photo that I sold this week.