Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ordered an adapter to use my Canon lenses on the Sony NEX 6

Meike Autofocus EOS to NEX Lens Adapter

I already bought a cheap adapter to be able to use the Tamron 18 to 200 mm lens that I bought last July as a catchall travel lens. It is handy to have just one lens that will do a huge range from wide angle to telephoto and I was very pleased with the lens when I used it on my Canon 600D. The cheap adapter that I bought doesn't allow any electrical connection between the camera and lens for setting the aperture or doing the autofocus.

Meike Electronic Auto Focus Adapter Tube Canon EOS EF Amazon co uk Camera Photo

Getting sharp images with manual focusing

On the NEX 6 I do get the ability to use focus peaking to be able to get good sharp photos with the manual focus. The only way to get the aperture set is to attach the lens to the Canon camera and set the aperture that you would most like to use. Once you have set it to that aperture opening then you can put it onto the NEX 6, but you can't change it again until you put it back on the Canon camera. So I have ordered the Meike autofocus tubes adapter to use with this lens. It will be handy to have the auto focus available to me although I believe the autofocus will be quite slow compared to using the actual Sony lenses. It will be useful to be able to use the autofocus, but more so being able to adjust the aperture setting.

Big and heavy

The lens is quite heavy and goes away from the initial reason for having the Sony NEX 6 in the first place. I can see that I will be using the kit lens, the 16mm pancake lens and maybe even the 50 mm Canon FD 1.8 lens more often. Even so, the Tamron lens is still going to be very useful to have in my camera bag. It won't be worth me selling on the cheap adapter that I bought for the Canon EOS lenses and it is as well that it wasn't too expensive to buy in the first place.

Sony E Mount SEL16F28 16mm f 2 8 Wide Angle Alpha SEL16F28 B H

My other favourite lens

The lens that I use quite often at the moment is the 16mm pancake lens which is a Sony E Mount. It is a particularly good lens for street photography and what I like about it is that because it has a very wide angle I can take pictures of people in the street and they don't even know their picture is being taken. It is thoughg, necessary to get quite close to the subject because it is such a wide angle. I often find it quite good to have something strong in the foreground that is really quite close to the camera and yet still pay attention to what is happening in the middle ground and background of the photo.