Thursday, 13 February 2014

Getting my hands on a Pancake Lens for the Street Photography

Pancake Lens Ordered

Ordered a new lens for the NEX 6. The Sony SEL1628 pancake lens. Just the job for some street photography I think. With it being small and inconspicuous it will be great for travelling as it will be even easier to carry in my pocket. When I am out looking for candid shots to take in the street, people will not notice as much as if I was shooting with a massive lens. It will mean that I will have to use my feet to zoom in on a subject and also that I will have to get in closer because of it being a wide angle lens.

It will be sent to my mothers address in the UK and I will have to wait for it to be sent here in Catalonia then. Hopefully it will arrive before I make a trip to Ireland at the end of the month.

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